Many thoughtful people decide by the terms of their wills that family members or friends will not be burdened with the onerous tasks and responsibilities of estate administration.

Equitable Trust provides complete, professional estate administration services. Whether named executor by will or serving as agent for an individual executor, Equitable Trust can take the actions and make the decisions necessary for orderly administration and timely closing of the estate.

Serving as executor for an estate, even for small and less complex estates, can be burdensome and time consuming for individual executors. Settling an estate involves demanding effort. Less than experienced hands charged with performing these duties can create or exacerbate strains among family members. Placing the responsibility of the executor with Equitable Trust, an experienced and independent corporate executor, serves to remove the unnecessary emotion and stress that can arise during the settlement process.


Identifying, consolidating and valuing assets

Disposing of assets

Retitling an distributing assets

Collecting and retitling benefits

Coordinating responsibilities of required professional services

Directing the preparation of tax returns

Overseeing ancillary probate of assets in other states